LUX Rent-a-Car Pricing Explained

While LUX is not the cheapest hire car provider on the market, we like to think we provide unparalleled value for money, where you simply pay our advertised daily rate, minus any discounts. (excludes post hire charges **see below)

Unlike many rental companies, when LUX  gives you a rate, we don’t start there, then add lots of extra charges. We believe in starting with an honest number, that accurately reflects what you will pay.

LUX  rates automatically include:

  • An Additional Driver

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Any Child Seats you may require

LUX  standard discounts are (not available during school holidays):

  • 2 - 4 days you pay the standard rate - (2 days is our minimum hire period)

  • 5 - 7 days you get a 8% discount on the standard rate

  • 8 - 14 days you get a 15% discount on the standard rate

  • 15 - 28 days you get a 20% discount on the standard rate

  • 29 + days you get a 25% discount on the standard rate

LUX  rate do NOT includes post hire charges** like:

  • Tolls - (automatically charged by RMS post hire)

  • Excess Fuel - (charged at the going rate at the nearest petrol station + a $10 surcharge)

  • Excess kms - (charged at 10c per km over the 250/day limit)

  • Remedial Cleaning - (of an excessively dirty or smelly car, charged at $40/hour)

A New Option

Before LUX  entered the market, your basic choices were:

  • Hire an ordinary new car, on a reasonable budget

  • Or forget the budget, and hire a Luxury new car

LUX  brings to the market, a third option;

  • Hire a Luxury second hand car, on a reasonable budget.

(In most cases, for comparable final price, or just a few $ more, than a similar sized new car)

So how does LUX  manage to provide Luxury cars at such a low rate?

Rental rates are dependent upon a group of factors:

  • Depreciation

  • Maintenance

  • Running Costs

  • Fixed Costs

  • Administration


With most rental companies, the biggest factor is Depreciation. If you purchase a $20,000 car, then you need to charge at least $15-$20 per day just to cover the depreciation of that car.


When our competitors are spending $40,000 and $50,000 on a new car, that depreciation is by far their single biggest cost.


Obviously for new Luxury cars, with a purchase price of say $100,000 thousand, that depreciation alone amounts to something like $75 a day, which is why hiring a luxury car has been cripplingly expensive... Until NOW.

By purchasing older Luxury Cars, LUX  has been able to keep that depreciation cost down, meaning we can provide you really nice cars at reasonable prices.

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